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Derived from the Technical Analysis Book of the Year 2014, Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery, and his earlier work from 2007, Trading Time: New Methods in Technical Analysis, Shaun Downey has created a specialist Technical based Hedging Tool for the Professional Commodities Trading Community.

Utilizing his unique methodology in creating Multiple Time Frame Analysis in a single visualization, its Bespoke studies and Code link True Measures of Support and Resistance, Time, Price and Momentum to create dynamic hedging points.

Typically using an Equalised Active Daily Chart as the template, the code references, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data to create hitherto unseen support and resistance points. These are then linked to a variety of technical based patterns and Time/Price momentum relationships to automatically mark points for hedging.

These relationships can be moved using the same logic to intraday charts in times of high volatility or price movement. Powered by Ninja Trader and Barchart data, full education, screen set-ups and on-going support is provided. The methods used are completely transparent and traders can explore as deep as they wish into the logic that creates this bespoke and unique way at analysing markets.

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