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Weekly market reports on agricultural commodities
at a local, regional and global level. 
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Agricolumn Reports 

The AGRI Column is a unique initiative in Romanian agribusiness.

Through weekly issues, the market is analysed from a local, regional and global perspective for the main commodities (wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soybeans, etc.), AgriColumn makes medium and short term forecasts and provides exclusive information about the real status of the Romanian market.

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Agricolumn Reports include: 

. Crop status and estimates, in figures

. Stock market data (Euronext, CBOT, FOREX, WTI/BRENT)

. Price flows - interpreting the dynamics between supply and demand and the impact on the market 

. International tenders

. Analysis of short and medium term price trends

. CAUSES and EFFECTS on each commodity category

. National, regional and global weather fo


Agricolumn Reports are popular with: 

.  Farmers

. Agribusiness market players (exporters, intermediaries, traders,

distribution companies, processors, banks, IFNs)

. Authorities (Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, Romanian Presidency, ComAgri).

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