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Blue Ocean -Weather alligned with Blue.p
Blue Ocean weather is an online, global weather data mapping / visualization application
that offers some unique features that no other current weather mapping system provides.
Please watch thisvideo for a brief introduction/demonstration of Blue Ocean Weather

• Weather forecast and observational information updated @ 5.30am (US Eastern

• Non-static mapping - the ability to pan and zoom (to expose the highest level of station detail), a globally unique feature to Blue Ocean Weather.

• Display preset areas OR build your own custom regions – again a feature unique to Blue Ocean weather.

• Mapping variables currently include total precipitation, % normal precipitation, precipitation climatology, average/

maximum/minimum temperature/temperature de-partures, GDDs, HDDs and CDDs. 

• Custom or pre-selected calendar dates (such as 5/10 days forward or 60/30 days back) up to a 180 day window.

• The Yearly Comparison Tool, the ability to compare a weather variable for a user selected time period, against the same time period from a selected year – showing the difference between years.

• The Forecast Comparison Tool, the ability to compare forecast data from a previous forecast, to the current forecast, showing how the forecast has changed.

• Other mapping options include, choice of unit designation, coloring options, map contours, weather overlay opacity and map base layer options.

• A screenshot button for the current map created, weather fixed or zoomed.

• A download button to download the station data of the variable you just created, including locations and nearest populated settlements.

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