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Blue Ocean -Weather alligned with Blue.p
Non-static mapping - the ability to pan and zoom (to expose the highest level
of station detail), a globally unique feature to Blue Ocean Weather

Blue Ocean Weather

Blue Ocean weather is an online, global weather data mapping / visualization application that offers some unique features that no other current weather mapping system provides.

Mapping Variables

Mapping variables currently include total precipitation, % normal precipitation, precipitation climatology, average/ maximum/minimum temperature/temperature departu-res, GDDs, HDDs and CDDs.


Display Area Preset

Display preset areas OR build your own custom regions – again a feature unique to Blue Ocean weather.


"Marcus Weather Mapping provides clarity and context, which is most important when analyzing markets, with the ability to overlay crop growing region and the ability to compare today's forecasts with previous forecasts. Marcus Weather Mapping is a great investment for anyone seeking to understand global weather's impact on markets." 

- Duane Lowry - Senior Risk Manager and Market Research Director, Silver Creek Commodities, Davenport, IA (USA).

Four main reasons to use Blue Ocean Weather Mapping : 

. Receive up to 10 maps daily by email based on your requests

. Worldwide coverage via weather stations or Satellite

. Cross boarder maps and crop area's within a country or continent

. Forecast Comparison Tools going back 60 days and forward 15

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