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Blue Ocean -Weather alligned with Blue.p
Non-static mapping - the ability to pan and zoom (to expose the highest
level of station detail), a globally unique feature to Blue Ocean Weather

Blue Ocean Weather

Blue Ocean weather is an online, global weather data mapping / visualization application that offers some unique features that no other current weather mapping system provides.

Mapping Variables

Mapping variables currently include total precipitation, % normal precipitation, precipitation climatology, average/

maximum/minimum temperature/temperature departu res, GDDs, HDDs and CDDs.


Display Area Preset

Display preset areas OR build your own custom regions – again a feature unique to Blue Ocean weather.


Prescient Weather

Providing information and strategies to manage weather and climate risk and to exploit related opportunities in today's global economy.
The latest scientific understanding, data sets, and advanced technology are combined to create weather and climate products that confer advantage to industries and activities sensitive to atmospheric events and trends.
A sophisticated US Corn, Soybean, and Winter Wheat yield and production forecasting system. Designed with grains traders in mind and quantifies the impact weather has on yield.

Weather Focused Crop Yield Model 

The CropProphet production and yield forecasts are updated every day of the growing season based on what has happened to date.  Our unique application weather information enables us to also provide yield/production forecasts based on the GFS and ECMWF model forecasts.

Superior Accuracy

CropProphet provides transparency at the county, state, and national level regarding the accuracy of its Corn, Soybean, and Winter Wheat production and yield forecasts.

Objective Weather Outlook

You may not be surprised to learn that the market consensus is not always correct.  CropProphet is based on objective, "season-to-date" weather information but also combines the latest weather forecasts.  The forecast is not swayed by market hype.World Climate Service

Back Test your Grain Market Trading Ideas 

As much as 33 years of daily forecast history is available allowing you quantify performance, test grain trading ideas, and build better, more profitable models.

A market leading subseasonal and seasonal forecast tool designed to enable commodity trading desks with climate and weather risk analysis capabilities.

The World Climate Service provides customers with:

  • Calibrated dynamical subseasonal and seasonal forecasts

  • Easy-to-use analog analysis and forecasting tools

  • Climate Index forecasts and analysis

  • A monthly, expert authored seasonal forecast report

The World Climate Service is a single destination for climate monitoring, analysis, and forecasting that:

  • Saves Time by brining multiple sources of information to a single web destination

  • Improves Forecast confidence by ensure forecast probabilities are accurate and reliable

  • Leverages several forecast sources to ensure in-depth analysis of the forecast

  • Transparently provides forecast validation information to build confidence

world climate service screenshot March 2
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