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Contact to purchase Blue Ocean CmdtyView.

What are the advantages of using cmdtyView:


  • Agricultural and softs focused service

  • Cash/spot/physical quotes as well as Futures and options

  • Easy to find commodities specific news,

  • Fully responsive browser based product- available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Anything you’ve created is persistent across devices

  • Portability – no download (or firewall issues), always have the latest software version

  • Ease of use – easily link quotes and charts, use on multiple monitors, right click insert, drag and drop and Excel functionality

  • Data reliability – direct exchange feed access and does not pass through an aggregator

  • Order execution – trade electronically from cmdtyView via your broker

  • In depth studies and technical analysis – 150+ technical analysis studies with more exotic studies on the way

  • Back data – significant historical intraday and daily, weekly, monthly back data

  • Updated profile specifications

  • Multilingual customer support service (English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese)

  • Global support – representatives in the UK, France, Singapore, Japan, Russia and Australia)

  • Links – create page links between quotes, news and charts to maximize screen real estate

  • Great value for money – from 179 USD LTE or 219 PRO package per month plus exchange fees.

  • Good options package

  • US cash markets

  • Slick Excel Add-in

  • Commodities News–very own newswires plus Dow Jones news

  • Unique month to month agreement making adding and cancelling systems extremely smooth

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